Welcome to GP Answers 3.0


While you were enjoying burgers and dogs and frisbees and sunshine — I was working for you. Getting our new “GPanswers.com 3.0” website up and running for you! Inside you’ll find streamlined ways to get stuff you want. You’ll find an integrated home page with fresh tips and tricks and at “At a Glance What’s New” in the community forums. You can quickly get to your own personal information to update it. Quickly find information about books and training, and the follow-up resources for books and training. You’ll find an updated Solutions Guide with must-have products from Vendors and a whole lot more. I welcome your feedback on the new GPanswers.com 3.0 website. We have some final bugs to shake out… There might be other little errors. Click at the bottom of any page “Be a hero! Report a problem” and let us know what needs fixing ! – Jeremy Moskowitz