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Group Policy Training
Starts: Aug 7, 2018
Ends: Aug 9, 2018
1425 East 27th St Tacoma, WA 98421-2200 La Quinta Inn & Suite See The Full Class Outline

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Facts, FAQs and Guarantees about our training.

I've got my wildly popular Group Policy classes -- available LIVE or ONLINE. Both come with hands-on labs, ability to ask questions and get LIVE time with experts, including Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP.
Taking the course will make you a more efficient administrator. It will make your desktops more secure and more predictable. You'll stop running around fighting fires. Your spouse will be happier because you'll get home on time for a change. Your boss will recognize the "base hits" and "quick fixes" you're putting in place, as well as the long term strategies you'll be implementing for success. Don't keep beating your head against the same problems day after day -- DO SOMETHING about it. Get smarter in this key area of day-to-day administration and make your problems GO AWAY.
First, you need to decide which classes are right for you. For the ONLINE class, most people take all three classes (even if they're "Black Belt" admins) because of all the great tips in all three courses. Next, you need to decide between a LIVE course, or an ONLINE course. They're both effective; but I don't always offer the LIVE course. The ONLINE course is available RIGHT NOW. Watch this video testimonial (on right) of ADMINS LIKE YOU who have taken the course, and see how it has transformed their lives. When you're ready to experience the training, SIGN UP then GET SMARTER in Group Policy today.
All classes (LIVE and ONLINE) come with a 100% money back guarantee. If after taking the classes, you don't genuinely feel that the class' value was 10x what you paid, we'll refund your fees, PLUS I'll give you $100 check made out to YOU (not your company) for wasting your time. That's how confident I am this class will work for you.

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