RSS feed back online.. and Check out Jerry C @ TechEd



Hey team… the RSS feed was obliterated when we went to “GPanswers 2.0.”

But it’s back up now. You can find the RSS link at the bottom of the home page.

Also, a quick note that frequent contributor Jerry C is holding a cool session at TechEd.

Definitely catch it!

BOF920 Let’s Get Real: What Are “The” Best Practices for Windows Group Policies?
Friday, June 13 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM 
Moderator: Jerome (Jerry) Cruz
Session Type: Birds of a Feather

3000+ configurable settings with Windows Server 2008 (and almost that many with Windows Vista) and now they add Group Policy Preference Extensions, why that’s 21 “brand new” sets of things to configure. What’s an Admin to do and where do we start? Should I script it or build an ADM template? Or is that an ADMX template? Any pros or cons to choosing between them? Can I set something up with a GPO, but still allow my users to have “some” choice? How do I do that? Rocket Science seems easier than this. So, last year we talked about what new things we wanted in the area of Group Policies. Well, we got a lot of it, now what can we do with it? Let’s discuss what the “New Best Practices” for Group Policies are!