Rock the Vote, Orlando Live Group Policy Class, Blog-o-Ramma, and more.


Hey Team.. Here’s the quick overview of today’s goings-on:

1. Vote for and PolicyPak.

2. New Orlando Class: Oct 26 – Oct 30. Extra $200 discount for first SIX attendees. Use coupon code FIRSTSIXORLANDO for instant $200 off the whole week. Sign up at

3. PolicyPak, Next Demo Thursday at 2.30 PM

4. Followme on twitter:

What do you think of the “quick overviews” I’m doing lately? Does it help “frame your brain” for what’s in this week’s update? Let me know. Oh, the best part is, you can share your thoughts with others about my blog entries.

How do you do that? Easy! We’re doing some upgrades on

We’re experimenting with a new blogging system as of today. (Actually, it still has a big ol’ bug where if you click on the title to “read more” you’ll see some misplaced code (in red; not pretty). We’re on the case.

Anyway.. the idea is that you can now:

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I may or may not keep this blog system. We’ll see. For now, it’s in place, and we’ll see how it goes. Let me know what you think.

The goal is simple though: you’ll be able to make comments, talk about your experiences, and share out all your favorites. Coming soon.

So, make a comment about this blog entry today! The Superblogger system uses or as login credentials. Or you can post as Guest (not preferred.) I’m a little nervous we’ll have “non-GP/ AD people” posting dumb things because they’re not registered.

We’ll see how it goes.

Part 1: The Vote is on !

So, the last “Voting” for the Windows IT Pro community choice awards were apparently just for the NOMINATIONS.

NOW is the time to actually VOTE.

I’m thrilled we got enough NOMINATIONS to be on  the ballots for two categories.

Category #1 Best Active Directory & Group Policy Product for PolicyPak Software / PolicyPak Application Manager


Category #30 Best Training & Certification Product or Service for Group Policy Training

So, on your mark, get set — VOTE ! Click here to vote vote vote !

Seriously.. it’ll take your 15 seconds if you just locate categories #1 and #30. A little longer if you want to buzz thru the whole thing. We need your help, and show the whole community that “Gigundo Large Software company” and “We-Train-U Puppy Mills Training” aren’t the only ways to get QUALITY.

So, please take a moment and vote.. it would mean a lot to me.

Part 2: Final class of the year – Orlando Oct 26 – Oct 30

Let me let you in to a little secret about my training. It’s expensive to run. Seriously. I have to rent space, get a hotel, fly there, cars, trains, food… it’s not an inexpensive endeavor to get launched.

So, in order to get a class to run, I need six people signed up to basically break even and declare the class “on.”  So, I’m trying a new idea.

For the first six people who sign up for this new Orlando class, I’ll extend the standard $100 off the full week (usual discount) PLUS, an EXTRA $200 discount for first six attendees ONLY.

Use coupon code FIRSTSIXORLANDO for instant $200 off the whole week.

My goal is to get this class LAUNCHED. It’s silly that so many people need training but can’t get it. Now you have no excuse. It’s here, and you can get a crazy discount by being one of the first six to sign up.

Sign up at

Again, use coupon code FIRSTSIXORLANDO for instant $200 off the whole week — but it stops working after 6 people have signed up, and we’re back to the regular price.

So, don’t delay.

PS: If you need to use a PO, you must can call Diane at 302-351-4903 and she’ll get you what you need to take advantage of the discount.

When I asked people in the survey why they needed the training, here’s some responses I got:

“I’m ready to update my skills; ready to really do GPOs across the enterprise.”

“Looking forward to the connections I’ll make. Having no distractions and making the time to get these concepts under my belt.”

“Need to get over my paranoia about GPO! Don’t want to be afraid anymore..’Oops I didn’t mean to do that!.’ I know I need troubleshooting skills too. If they worked perfectly all the time, why would there be 20 posts a day about GP troubleshooting on some websites? I need to be able to fix windows (not blow it up.)”

“Hands on experience with using Group Policy, gaining knowledge & confidence to be able to implement changes desperately needed (for security, overall mgmt and reduction of IT HELPDesk hours) within our company.”

“Looking forward to the Preferences, what are they can do for me, best practices of managing Policies, Win7/Vista GP Troubleshooting.”

Excellent. There you go.

If you “resonate” with any of these sentiments, then you’re ready to get signed up. Be one of the first six, and claim your uber-discount. If I had to guess, I’d say all six slots will be claimed in under a week. Maybe four or five days.

Call me or Diane if you have any questions about the class: 302-351-8408 (me, directly.) Or Diane 302-351-4903.

Part 3: Next PolicyPak Demo – this Thursday, 8/27 at 2.30 PM

What? Still haven’t seen how PolicyPak can secure your Windows systems and applications, configure your world, and lock it down with “user-baby-proofing?”

We’re now 64-bit compatible, work on Windows 7, Terminal Servers and Citrix, and work with AGPM.

Get the dial-in / web-in information for a Livemeeting demonstration that will make the boss go “Whoa.”

Go to and put DEMO in the Subject line.

Part 4: Followme on Twitter

No “What I had for lunch” Tweets.

Just cool stuff that I think you can use or relevant to what’s going on in my world.

Heck, you could always just ignore me later if you wanted.

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