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Issue#28 (May, 14, 2008)

What wins in the smackdown? Preferences or Policies? The answer may surprise you. The answer is complex, so let’s dig in and figure it all out. Also, Jeremy’s TWO new books, UPDATED training, and a PARTNER PROGRAM (where you make $ every time someone purchases training.) All inside.

Issue#27 (May, 14, 2008)

Installing the Group Policy Preference Extensions? Find out how !

Issue #26 (May, 12, 2008)

The fate of DesktopStandard’s PolicyMaker tools Inside Specops GPupdate—a free way to “push” updates to GP clients.

Issue#25 (August, 09, 2007)

This is Part II in our series of Understanding ADM and ADMX files. Be sure to read part I (Newsletter 24) first.

Issue #24 (July, 17, 2007)

Let’s get deeper into ADM files (yes, ADM files.) Additionally, let’s re-examine our new PolicyPak Software. You’re gonna love it !

Issue #23 (May, 31, 2007)

Special Microsoft TechEd 2007 Edition

Issue#22 (May, 09, 2007)

The fourth edition of Group Policy, Profiles, and Intellimirror has been renamed, so strictly speaking it’s now the First Edition of Group Policy: Management, Troubleshooting, and Security for Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. Find out how you can get a signed copy directly from me. Also get tips on some handy settings in the Office 2007 ADM files, hear my interview by Greg Shields of Redmond Magazine, and read the latest about the Group Policy training courses available in various cities around the US.

Issue#21 (January, 12, 2007)

I recently interviewed Michael Dennis, outgoing Team Lead for the Group Policy team. Additionally, get tips and tricks on the new ADMX format, the built-in GPMC, and a neat trick on how to protect specific users and computers from an inadvertent link of GPOs. Additionally, find my public Group Policy training schedule for 2007.

Issue#20 (September, 25, 2006)

Looking ahead to Vista, IE7 and other releases. We take a look at some of the new stuff in store for you down the line, and what you need to be thinking about now to get yourself prepared.

Issue#19 (July, 21, 2006)

“Deep Dive” into the File Server Migration Toolkit. This helps you adjust if you’ve “hardcoded” Group Policy Software Deployments to one server and now you want to do something else with that original server.

Issue#18 (June, 09, 2006)

Three great tips: Troubleshooting Group Policy from a networking perspective, Getting MMC 3.0 loaded on your Windows XP machine and Getting Ready for Windows Vista.

Issue#17 (April, 25, 2006)

Windows Server 2003 / R2 Printer Magic: Deploy printers using Group Policy

Issue#16 (March, 28, 2006)

Son of Rant: Final thoughts on the OSD, ZTI and BDD. f you’ve ever looked at the BDD downloads and scratched your head, or if you’re an SMS administrator who thought I was “missing the point” I would encourage you to read this followup.

Issue#15 (March, 22, 2006)

Jeremy’s Rant: Why would you want to image a workstation when you could just use RIS+GPOs?

Issue#14 (January, 17, 2006)

Create a Bulletproof desktop with the Shared Computer Toolkit.

Issue#13 (November, 25, 2005)

Rogue GPO administrators? How to properly delegate permissions and how to get out of a sticky jam!

Issue#12 (November, 07, 2005)

All about login scripts and WSUS settings.

Issue#11 (September, 04, 2005)

Three big tips: Upgrading SUS to WSUS, known bugs in the GPMC, and where to find cool GP scripts !

Issue#10 (August, 05, 2005)

Three big tips: How to disable the Startup Splash Screen in Acrobat, how to see ADM template settings, and how to copy GPO settings.

Issue#9 (August, 04, 2005)

Three big tips: How to hide drives from your users, how to set limits for Temporary Internet Files in IE, and where to find the latest version of ADM files from Microsoft.

Issue#8 (June, 01, 2005)

Three big tips: How to change the local admin password on workstations remotely, how to find a ‘translation guide’ for event logs, and how to strip away the affects of GPOs for testing.

Issue#7 (February, 20, 2005)

Three big tips: Why put users and computers in different OUs. How to perform multi-select for user accounts, and how to get extra logins for remote Windows servers.

Issue#6 (November, 27, 2004)

Three big tips: How to avoid going to the task bar to disconnect hardware, how to send text messages to any cell phone, and how to add power-managment capabilities to Group Policy.

Issue#5 (October, 17, 2004)

Three big tips: How to manipulate the XP firewall, how to prevent critical updates from getting to your XP machines, and what to look out for if you’re using older applications on XP/SP2.

Issue#4 (August, 11, 2004)

Some updates from newsletter #3, what to do if XP/SP2 bluescreens, and what to do if your XP machine makes you press the mouse 50 times if you’re editing your GPOs.

Issue#3 (July, 04, 2004)

How to get ready for XP/SP2, and how to whomp spywhere with GPOs !

Issue#2 (May, 30, 2004)

Five big tips: How to adjust for users who keep getting locked out your domain, how to restrict users from opening and editing the registry, and understanding how GPOs are “cumulatively” applied, and how to recover from blowing up the Default Domain Policy and how to use DFS to aid in Software Deployment.

Issue#1 (May, 21, 2004)

Can you have different account policies for different types of users? How does GPEDIT.MSC affect my user accounts? Can I restrict the floppy or CD-ROM using GPOs?