Microsoft Resources

Here are some resources on the Microsoft web site to get you off and running with Group Policy. Most of these links are found on the Microsoft Group Policy management page.

Microsoft Office 2010 Group Policy

This article contains information about how to use Group Policy to configure Microsoft Office 2013 and Office 365 ProPlus. The audience for this book includes IT generalists, IT operations, help desk and deployment staff, IT messaging administrators, consultants, and other IT professionals. Check it out here.

Group Policy Documentation “Survival Guide”

This is a “document of documents” which explain most of the GP technologies most admins need to use. It’s a Microsoft doc, and a little kitchy with the “Army Font” and all that. Fun and informative. Check it out here.

Windows Server and Windows Settings Spreadsheet

Windows Server and Windows have LOTS of Policy Settings. Check ’em all out in this handy, dandy spreadsheet.
It’s available here.

Group Policy Preference Extensions

Here’s a set of links to documentation on Microsoft’s site for the Group Policy Preference Extensions:
Group Policy Preferences Overview White Paper

Group Policy Preferences: Getting Started

Group Policy Preferences Frequently Asked Questions
A Guide to Group Policy Preferences for Users of PolicyMaker Standard Edition

How to get the GPPEs for each Operating System Remember: these install as “patches” not MSI files. Check out Newsletter #27 for more information.

GPP CSEs for Windows Vista (KB943729)
GPP CSEs for Windows Vista x64 Edition (KB943729)
GPP CSEs for Windows Server 2003 (KB943729)
GPP CSEs for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition (KB943729)
GPP CSEs for Windows XP (KB943729)
GPP CSEs for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB943729)

Internet Explorer 11 and Group Policy

IE 11 has been released, and there are a few new policy settings to go along with it. Take a look at this Microsoft site for more details.

A Complete List of All the New GP Settings in Windows 10

Similar to the previous spreadsheet file for all the settings in the MS-provided ADM files, here’s a complete list of all 4,119 settings which are available in the new ADMX files. The spreadsheet shows you which files are new to Windows 10 and allows you to filter and sort based on a number of different criteria.
Get the whole list of ADMX file Group Policy settings for Windows 10 here.

The GPMC The Group Policy Management Console

The GPMC is a tool you can download for free from Microsoft that can be loaded on Windows client machines. Then, once loaded, the GPMC provides a “one stop shop” for managing nearly all aspects of Group Policy in your Active Directory. Again, it doesn’t matter if your Active Directory or domains are Windows 7, 8 or 10-it just matters that you have Active Directory.
Check it out here.

Deploying XP/Service Pack 2 in an Enterprise Environment

Here, you’ll find recommendations on how to deploy XP/SP2 via Group Policy. Jeremy wrote the Group Policy and SUS parts of this Microsoft document.
Check it out here.

Group Policy Settings Reference in an Excel XLS Spreadsheet

To see all of the Group Policy settings, see “Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows and Windows Server” on the Microsoft Download Center at this link.
Check it out here.

Troubleshooting Group Policy

Another Microsoft whitepaper on Group Policy Troubleshooting. Jeremy was one of the technical reviewers of this document for Microsoft.
Check it out here.

Account Policy Best Practices

Microsoft has a new whitepaper on Account Lockout recomendations.
Check it out here.

Group Policy Talk at Ignite 2015

My buddy Darren Mar-Elia and I gave a talk at Microsoft Ignite in 2015. We discuss managing Windows 10 using Group Policy “in-the-box”, Microsoft, and third party tools.
Check it out here.