How to Utilize the Forum better (a lot better)


I’m often asked “Hey Jeremy, thanks for such a great resource in… can I do anything to help?”

Honestly, the answer is – YES. image

In short, if you believe in the power of Group Policy, and the power of Community – then we need your help.

Don’t worry.. I’m not going to ask you for 12 hours a week, or to lift heavy things. But, simply to help out a friend now and again, who may be down-and-out and need your help and wisdom.

We need more people to participate in the forums. We have some killer awesome helpful “regulars” who participate and help answer a lot of questions.

What I want to know is: Will you consider helping out?

Community is a funny thing.. the more “good chatter” there is, the more “good chatter” we get. Then, the more we all benefit.

You might be thinking:

  • “I have no time !”
    • I’m asking you to set aside 15 – 30 minutes a week (perhaps on Friday) to look through the unanswered questions and “give it a shot.”
  • “I’m a newby and don’t know that much.”
    • You’re smarter than you think you are. Really.
  • “My time is simply too valuable to spare. Helping others is for OTHER people.”
    • Well, I can’t help you thru that one. I hope you’ll reconsider. If you get anything at all from the community, I hope you’ll at least try to make some time.

Remember when someone helped YOU through a problem, or at least asked the right questions to help you get there? That’s all I’m asking for. Help someone like someone helped you get to the bottom of their problem.

If you’d like to give it a try, here are some tips to help you “get in the game.”

First, if you don’t have a web account, you need one.

You can start out by SIGNING UP or seeing if you already have a username and password in our system (via “Forgot Username / password”)


Next, Sign in. You know you’re signed in when you see your name as seen here. Then, go to the GP Community Forum.


The forum is pretty self explanatory. We have categories based on the most common areas of concern.


Clicking on the Last Post or the forum name will display the current issues. The rest, you should be good to go!

You might also want to take a moment to update your User Control Panel Preferences.


Here are two items I would suggest you change:

1. Upload a picture (Avatar)



Then choose a picture, like I did here. Please be nice, and not naughty.


2. How to get updates quicker.

My suggestion Then change your Default Thread Subscription Mode to “Instant email notification” or “Daily email notification’” as seen here.

First, select Edit Options within the CP.


Then, select INSTANT or DAILY email notifications to posts that you are participating in.


Then if you are helping someone (or being helped) you’ll get emails quickly and can continue the discussion.

3. “Above and Beyond”

You can also (optionally) subscribe to a particular forum and get all the buzz in a particular area you want to participate in.

For instance, if you wanted to keep on top of all the threads in the “Group Policy Preferences” forum, you would select that forum…


Then select Subscribe to This Forum as seen here.


Then select Daily or Weekly updates via email.


That’s it. I hope you’ll give 20 – 30 minutes a week in helping others (and possibly helping yourself.)

Thanks for all you do!