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Have you ever needed help figuring out whether Group Policy worked on a given system and if not, why? Yes? Well, then the GPHealth Reporter is for you. GPHealth Reporter builds expert knowledge about Group Policy right into the product, giving you an edge in your Group Policy management tasks. GPHealth Reporter collects information from a variety of sources on a target system and presents it to you in a concise format, with an overall "red or green" health status to quickly inform you if all is well. If there are problems, they are highlighted and you can click on a particular problem to get more information.
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Download the datasheet describing the product in more detail or download a free 10-day trial version of the product. Any time while you're evaluating the product, you can click "Buy Now!" from the product startup screen or go to the SDM Software Store to purchase a license and activate the product. Pricing: GPHealth Reporter is priced at US$75. per administrative user. Contact [email protected] for more information on pricing, including volume pricing or order online at the SDM Software Store. Installation Requirements: GPHealth Reporter 1.0 supports installation on Microsoft® Windows® XP and Microsoft® Windows® 2003 systems. The tool supports gathering information against these platforms as well as Microsoft® Windows® Vista. You must have the .Net Framework 2.0 and the Microsoft® Group Policy Management Console installed on the system where you install GPHealth Reporter.
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