Group Policy Training Feedback


Now for my USA / Canada friends…

OMG, we wrapped up a *HU-UU-UUGE* week in North Carolina last week.  Let me share some of the feedback:

  • "I’m now able to be more confident with Group Policy! Can’t wait to clean up my existing GPOs which have been in place forever!" – Al Combs, Alamance County
  • "This was a great class — Definitely worth it !" – Vin Latus, NCGA
  • "I’ve had at least one OMG moment every day !"- Kevin Hunter, RHO, inc.
  • "Guru Level ! Its like learning from Master Yoda ! I learned all these great Group Policy things I didn’t know EXISTED or that I could not find answers on. One of the best technical classes I have ever taken in 34 years in the industry! Awesome Content! My head is spinning (in a good way!) You can’t get this training anywhere else. It is challenging and applicable to today and tomorrow’s technology. Awesome !! Thanks Jeremy !" – Steve McCarthy, Physicians Primary Care of SW FL.
  • "Jeremy style was the BEST EVER. Not your typical dry & dull training. Kept things lively and interactive." – Josh Hall, Crutchfield
  • "I didn’t realize how much there was in GP to learn in the first two days ! We’re at the end of day 2 [as he writes this] and I can’t wait to see what we learn on days 3, 4 and 5! Class goes for the right amount of time, with the rought amount of breaks. I love your fun "review" sessions too. Thanks to being here, I’ve already made progress in my GPs!" – Greg Davis, SGA Design Group
  • "Great class! Thanks for making it not so scary ! My first IT class in FIVE years. Enjoyed the setup, knowledge, flow of the class. Definitely not boring !" – Mary Van Matre, Dairy Records Management Systems, NCSU
  • "No time was wasted and EVERYTHING was relevant! Try getting *THAT* from a big conference. The first FOUR hours were worth the price for the entire week !" – Jeff Shanks
  • "Sheldon Cooper like knowledge! Outstanding, engaging, entertaining, enlightening! I can confidently go forward and plan for Win7/Win8 for my organization." – Roger Capone
  • "Even if you know a lot about GP, this class is worth every penny!" – Matthew Chism, PharmAthene, Inc.
  • "The Two-Day Essentials Class … I expected it to be for beginners and I considered skipping it. I am SO glad I didn’t. I highly recommend it for ANYONE planning on attending the Win7/Win8 class or Advanced class." – Bob Fry, Bayhealth Medical Center

So, without further waiting … here is the announcement for the NEXT “Group Policy Intensive Training and Workshop class” .. which covers Essentials (NOT BASICS!), Win7/Win8, and Advanced topics.

Salem, Oregon – July 16 – 20th, 2012.

Why Salem? Answers:

  • One company in Salem is sending 8 people to the training, so it makes it a great choice.
  • Second reason: July in Oregon is Frickin’ awesome! So much to do, enjoy, and embrace the outdoors !
  • Third reason, it’s only 45 minutes from Portland, and there’s a shuttle service with WIFI on the shuttle. Sweet! So it’s easy to fly in, and get in / out of.

Save your seat by heading over to ( or calling Laura at 215-391-0096 and we can take a PO.

Okay Gang.. That’s it..  Talk soon !