Group Policy Speech at TechEd 2012



I’ll be doing a speech at TechEd called "Getting the Most Out of the Power of Group Policy."

I had a bunch of ideas for it, then realized … why not get Power FROM the People!

Is there a killer GP tip you have? Maybe you got it from me (that’s a-ok!)

Or maybe you’re doing something super neat with the GPPreferences that you want to share back with me.

In short: I’m looking for a handful of practical, "click here, and see this happen" kind of tips for your desktops, laptops, and servers.

If I use your tip in the speech: Bingo.. you get credit in the speech (if you want it..even if it’s originally my tip!) and also a free hour of consulting with me.

If your tip is "off the beaten path" or is "non-obvious".. even better. But I’m open to anything you think is just a killer tip.

Don’t dilly-dally. click on “About Us” then send me an email , and bang out your tip (sketch) for me. It doesn’t have to be super detailed.. I’ll figure out how to describe it (or I’ll ask you some followup questions.) What *IS* important is that you do this RIGHT NOW, because er… um… I’m late in getting the speech handed in.

So, thanks Team..!

And Hi from Sweden, where the 7-11s DON’T (yet) sell Reindeer Jerky (like this guy on Amazon):