It came to me in a dream


So, in my last update I talked about how I’m keyboard centric. How I am used to (on XP) pressing “Ctl Esc” then R (for run) and typing CMD.

I got a zillion emails with people saying “Hey Moskowitz, don’t you know about WIN+R?”

Yes. I know about WIN+R.

Yes, the laptop has a Win key, but my external keyboard does not. Now, you may like your keyboard. Oh yes; your company gave your keyboard and said: “Here’s yer keyboard, now go fix our computers.”

But the bond I have with my keyboard is legendary. This is my keyboard:

Here’s the “key” point: No Win keys.

This keyboard hella’ heavy. Every single key THWACKS when you hit it, and, generally, is the in the top two best keyboard ever made. The other one is this, and, , I’m just not buying it:

Anyway, sorry I missed that little factoid in my lashup last week. Hope that clears it up. Meanwhile, in all the hubub, I got some suggestions I got from y’all which I want to share back.

Suggestion 1: Pin an icon somewhere handy and click on it to run CMD.exe. Great, but that’s a “mouse centric suggestion.”

Suggestion 2: Get an updated IBM M-keyboard that HAS the Windows keys Thanks to Constantino T. for the tip… I had no idea these keyboard were still being MADE let alone UPDATED.

Suggestion 3 (this one came to me in a dream, I swear.): Create a batch file, named “rcmd.bat” and put it in my path. This batch file will run the command “start cmd.exe”. Now, every time I ‘mistype’ by Ctl-Esc, “rcmd” .. it will magically open a command prompt via the batch script. Bingo! I’m back to keyboard centric perfection !

Okay, on to Part II of “It came to me in a dream.”

Everyone knows Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 are right around the corner.

Both are RTM’d and poised to be blockbusters.

But here’s what’s weird.

Every day, I keep seeing check around, and people are still managing their systems like they’re in the “stone ages.”

I made you a video about how you can step into the 21st century and you can watch it on my YouTube channel.

In this video you’ll not only discover how to put the “smack down” on hardware like USB keys and the like (if your systems are Vista or Windows 7) but you’ll learn how to do it with the “Stuff you already have” (instead of buying more stuff.)

This is a sample from my online GP University course.

I think this is the kind of stuff your manager would want YOU to know. He or she is, after all, trusting YOU with the company network. If you have only XP now, that’s totally fine. There’s still LOTS you can be doing to make your world more efficient. But if you’re flirting with Windows 7, you’ll be a rockstar if you can take this to The Man and show him this new trick you just learned.

After you watch the video, ask yourself a question. Would it be in my / my company’s best interest to get smarter in this XP ad Win 7 stuff so you can be more efficient, your company can be more secure and you, your boss, your CEO and your stockholders/stakeholders can sleep better at night?

Once you’ve answered that question, here’s the last step.

That video was a sample from my Group Policy Online University course which covers XP, Vista and, by definition, Windows 7 stuff as well. (99.98% of Vista stuff is applicable to Windows 7.) And, the Online U has some “extra Win7 specific” labs, if you’re headed in that direction, just for good measure.

The last step is to decide if there’s value in you learning what’s inside the course.

I know this list has two kinds of folks: people who work for The Man, where The Man will invest in their personal growth. And people who work for themselves -or- The Man, where they need to PERSONALLY invest in their own personal growth.

That last one is tough. Heck, *I* fall into that second category. I always have to personally invest in my own personal growth. No one just “hands me freebies to take training and get smarter.” I have to do it like a lot of y’all have to do.

Okay, so first off, I’ve decided to continue the two coupon codes I’ve got right now for another 7 days:

  • -Code “CRASH” gets you “corporate folks” $125 off the SILVER kit.
  • -Code “IVY” gets you “corporate folks” $100 off the GOLD kit.

If your a corporate IT dude(ette) and you want to take advantage of one of these two offers for the GPU, you’ve now got 7 more days to do it. I got a handful of people looking for an “extension” and .. your wish is granted.

But here’s where I finally “got the message” for the “other half.” If you’re like me, and you have to invest in your own personal growth, here’s your offer.

If your company won’t pay for 100% of the GP University class, then -I’ll- help you pay for it.

Yep. That’s right. I don’t know “what’s in the air” recently, but a bunch of “lone wolves” have emailed me recently saying: “Hey Moskowitz.. I know the GPU is a good idea for both my company AND my career path. But I have to self-pay, and that’s kind of hard. Can you do something for me?”

And that’s when it hit me. I can do something. So, if that’s you… the “self paying for your own self-growth” guy or gal, here’s the deal that’s valid for the next 7 days:

  1. Go to the Group Policy University ( Check out the course and testimonials and see if it’s right for you.
  2. Go to the final tab (the online) tab and check out.
  3. Look at the Silver kit (not the Gold kit; that’s not part of this offer.)
  4. At checkout time, if you’re REALLY a “self paying dude(ette)” then at checkout time enter in couponcode SELFPAY.

When you do, something magical will happen for the next 7 days: I’ll take a mega $300 off the silver course to help you with your personal growth. I can only do this for 5 lone wolf / self pay people.

Will you be one of them?

Think if over; talk it over with your spouse.. whatever you need to do. But don’t wait. I know there are LOTs and LOTs of lone-wolf people like you who will jump at the chance for this one-time offer. Also note, you can pay over one, two, three or four months — your choice.

Also, remember: If the course doesn’t “work for you” for ANY REASON, you’re 100% protected. I’ll refund your money, even if you take me to the cleaners, eat the course for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and THEN tell me you hate it. Really. My guarantee is THAT iron clad.

One person already took me up on my “unconditional refund”, and we’re still friends. “Course had too many hands-on labs to do” was the reason for the return.

So, anyway, Click the last tab – “Online.”

Coupon code SELFPAY at checkout.

Silver kits only.

5 people max for the $300 off.

Lone-wolves only. (Corporate people; you already have your discount codes for the week.)

Offer lasts 7 days.

Get it together and we’ll see you on the inside.