Goodbye Security Compliance Manager, Hello Security Compliance Toolkit


Just in time for my next GP class, Microsoft announced the end of road for the “Security Compliance Manager.”

But they also say Hello to the Security Compliance Toolkit. Here’s the quick blog entry from my Microsoft pal Aaron Margosis:

So.. OK Got it. And I’m feverishly updating my GP Master Class to bring this new toolkit to you.

What’s that? Don’t know what the Security Compliance Manager DID .. or how to make the MOST of the Security Compliance Toolkit for Group Policy?

Well, NO PROBLEM .. Just COME to my Group Policy Master Class.. !! July 24-26 (Three days) and get a brainfull in North Carolina with other super-duper Admin smarty pants’s (pantses?)

We still have “front row” seats available.. (I dont really care where you sit in the class.. just SHOW UP!)

Don’t get snaked out of getting your seat.

Sharpen your saw.. and be more EFFECTIVE at running your company’s world.
See you in class. !!

Jeremy Moskowitz (Group Policy Community) (PolicyPak Software)