Get Jeremy’s Group Policy Book for Free !


Here’s the scoop:

  • Chance  #1: At TechEd 2010 with NetIQ
    • If you’re coming to TechEd, my friends at NetIQ are giving away (yes.. 100%, totally GIVING AWAY) several hundred copies of my updated Group Policy book. Holy cow !
    • I will be on hand to PERSONALLY SIGN ALL OF THEM, say Hi to you, and catch up !
    • Here’s the date and time Tuesday, June 8 between 1:00 – 3:00pm at booth 601.
  • Chance #2: The “Beat up” book contest
    • Do you really USE my book? I mean.. seriously.. USE IT?
    • If so, then send me a maximum of THREE PICTURES of your “beat up” book.
    • The three most “beat up” books will get free replacements from me as a way to say “Thanks for the abuse !”

Please don’t abuse the books needlessly. That’s just weird, and I’ll be able to tell. Send the pictures (ZIPPED) please to jeremym (at ) to be elligable.

If you don’t yet own a copy, and cannot make it to TechEd.. check out for your own (signed) copy.

Meanwhile.. I hope to see you at TechEd 2010. I’ve got two big things I’m doing:

  • All Day Group Policy 2008 / Win7 Precon – Sunday 10.00 AM Start time. I think there is a seperate enterance fee for this; but not sure.
  • WCL303 – AppLocker: Your Solution for True Application Smackdown Thursday – 8.00 AM – 9 .15 Rm 393

And, of course, the NetIQ book signing / giveaway on Tuesday, June 8th at 1 – 3.00 at booth 601.

That’s it. Hope we connect ! See you there and thanks, Team !