What’s not so great about the Online Learning and Labs and Email Support Experience?


Honestly, the video part (where I stand up and talk) isn’t “HD” quality. And it’s streaming over the Internet, which means it may stop for a second and pop back on every so often. However, I will say that the demonstrations of concepts came out SMASHINGLY AWESOME. You can really see what I’m talking about in each step, and you can work at your own pace and re-wind in you like. That’s really neat.

The hundreds of GP University students have given me very positive feedback.

But, again, here’s my 100% guarantee. If, after you buy, if you find that the quality isn’t up to your expectations and you’re not happy (and therefore you’re not learning) … well, that’s good enough for me.

I’ll refund your purchase price, PLUS give you 100 bucks to say thanks for trying it out. Again, I really mean it.