What happens if Jeremy has to cancel a class (after a class is declared on?)


Let’s start out by saying, Jeremy has NEVER cancelled a class.

But, anything is possible. And there is always a risk of the “unknown”.

Here are some examples of why a class could be cancelled:

  • Four weeks before the class, he gets into a severe car accident.
  • One week before the class, one of his parents dies.
  • Three days before class, Jeremy loses his voice.
  • One day before the class, a snowstorm or hurricane prevents flights from taking off or landing.

If anything like this happens, and Jeremy cancels a class, then you will be refunded your exact purchased price you paid for the class.

You will NOT be refunded any travel expenses or incidental expenses which were to get you to the class.

So if it cost you $1,000,000 to fly in to see Jeremy speak, he will not be reimbursing you the $1,000,000 it cost you for that plane ticket.

Again: GPanswers.com and Jeremy’s liability of class cancellation starts and ends with the exact purchase price you paid for the class in the event of a cancellation on our part.

Refunds will be made in the exact manner that funds were taken. Credit cards will be refunded or checks
will be re-cut.

Again, we’’ve never cancelled a class. But anything can happen. And this is our policy.