What happens after I sign up? Can/Should I start right away? When does my first day begin?


Here’s what happens when you purchase:

First, you’ll get an email welcome letter with a PDF attachment explaining how to log on to your “My Lessons” page. You’ll have immediate access to your online lessons.

  • We’ll ship your stuff. TWO shipments (one from us for Jeremy’s big green book, and one from our printer if you purchased PRINTED lab manuals.)
  • You’ll also get PDF versions of the PPTs and labs so you could start immediately (even if you also elected for printed manuals.)
  • Lessons are viewable and valid from 120 days from the day you purchase.  You get TWO views per lesson.

So your first day begins the day you purchase, and ends in 120 days .. which is way way waaaayy more time than you need.