What do I get with the Online Experience? What about Labs? What about Support?


So, how do you get to practice your skills? With hands-on labs, that’s how!

You can hit the ground running and work with REAL Group Policy problems with out pre-configured lab materials with VMware images for labs. You’ll be able to do the same lessons that students do in the LIVE courses and really ensure the skills you’ve learned are working the way you think they are. And the best part is, it’ll be like you’re in class.

Additionally, while you’re working, you’ll be able to “raise your hand” and ask the questions you have — when you have them. Yes, there will be some lag time in getting an answer; but that’s the nature of home-study courses. And, again, you should feel free to ask about the class lecture (PPT), the labs, or anything else about the class. We strive to get you an answer right away.