Is it true? Jeremy’s classes are available online? Why are you doing this?


When I asked the many thousands of team members if they wanted to take one of my classes, over 90% said “Yes!”

Then, when I asked folks why they weren’t able to attend one of my public classes (I do about 6 – 8 per year), I got a bunch of great answers. I want to share some of those with you:

  • “Public locations don’t seem to come near where I live. I live far from everywhere.”
  • “We have a ‘no travel for training’ policy at my organization.”
  • “My country doesn’t seem to have enough people for you to fly here and host a class.”
  • “Budget, Budget, Budget. I wish i could tell you how to get around the budget limitation, it is a challenge we fight every day.”
  • “It’s a complex subject for my boss to understand. I know I need it, but I have trouble convincing the boss I need it.”
  • “The company will only let me take training within driving distance.”
  • “Lack of time. Too much to do at work.”
  • “Boss won’t let me take multiple days off work to to get out of the office.”
  • Travel is too onerous for me and my family. My spouse would kill me if I took a week off (even if it meant I might get a pay raise later for being smarter.)”
  • “It’s hard to get away since I’m a ‘One Man Shop.’ “

So, based upon that feedback, I’ve decided to try to work out an Online Experience very similar to what it would be like if you took a class. It’s not perfect, but I positively, unequivocally guarantee that you’ll learn “A Heck of a lot” of I’ll 100% refund all your money. And, to say “Thanks for trying” I’ll even give you $100 Moskowitz, inc. check if you really feel the Online University didn’t work for you, and you got nothing out of the class. Really. I mean it.

I bet I’ve got your attention now, so, let’s figure out how this works for you.