I’m very experienced in Group Policy, will this course be too basic? Maybe I should skip the Essentials class?


In the class that I taped, we had 30 people. One of the guys was Doug. Now, I’m not going to give Doug’s last name, but Doug asked like 30 questions. And he’s been doing Group Policy, every single day, as his only job for more than 5 years for a major company. I’m confident that Doug feels he got his money’s worth out of taking the whole course. He made me work HARDER during the taping though, because he made me stop and answer a bunch of hardball questions.
Personally, I wouldn’t skip the Essentials class — even if I was Group Policy Ninja. And that’s because you’ll learn something to make you more efficient. Whenyou go back to basics and learn best practices, only something good can come of it. If you really think I “wasted your time” by suggesting the Essentials class, then, again, take me up on my “total money back guarantee + $100 check made out to you” offer. Really!