I’m concerned that I might need even more support. I really, really like the idea of “Hands on Mentoring.”


Yeah. Me too. I’m a hands-on “show it to me” kind of guy. So, if you’re like me, you’re going to really dig this. Every student gets a number of calls into the “Moskowitz Mentoring” program, or MM for short. The MM puts you, me, and the handful of others who purchased Online University classes together in one place. Each week I’m in town, you’ll get an email from my assistant telling you this week’s “Mentoring Hours.”

Here is the “fair game” stuff we can talk about:

  • Anything in the PPT / discussion / class
  • Anything in the labs
  • Anything else on your mind

The MM is more than just a phone call. I’ll be using Livemeeting to do LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS of any questions you might have. Confused about the Circles and Lines in the new Group Policy Preference Extensions? We can cover that.

Want to know see a different demonstration to deploy .MSI files? We can cover that. It’s “your time.” You ask me, and I’ll give it my best to try to answer it.

You’ll get an email each Monday (usually) asking if you would like to make this week’s mentoring session time.

Silver kits come with two MM credits and must be used within 120 days. Gold kits come with FIVE MM credits and are good for a full YEAR.