I already took the LIVE training class. Should I sign up again for the ONLINE course as a review?


If you already took the class then you’re eligible for a 50% (yes, 50%) discount on the SAME home study course.
My feeling is this: you already have the printed labs and slides and hard drive materials. So, I won’t be sending you those.
You’ll be able to watch the videos, re-do the labs, ask questions via the ticketing system and participate in the group
calls. To take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to CALL MY ASSISTANT (302-351-4903) and explain which class you took
and what company you’re from. You’ll get a 50% discount code for checkout. Note: WinConnections, TechMentor,
TechEd, MMS, T2 or other CONFERENCES do not count toward the discount. You need to have taken a LIVE PUBLIC or
PRIVATE Two-Day, Three-Day, or Five Day course with me or James Conrad to qualify for the 50% discount for the “review.”