Can I share the purchase of my class with a buddy / my whole office?

Legally, you’re buying ONE class licensed for ONE person. And, since this is how I feed my family, and I’m a trusting kind of guy, I’m trusting you won’t be the kind of dirt ball who would consider this. If you have more than one person who needs to use the material, please do the right thing. We have “group plans” past 3 people. That is, if you have FOUR PEOPLE or MORE who need the material we will work out a “package deal” based upon your situation.But to counteract the possibility of someone being a dirt-ball and sharing this with the whole office, we have the following (low tech) anti-dirt-ball measures.

  • Measure #1: You can’t be logged on twice, watching two streams (two lessons, or the same lesson twice.) Doing so cuts off your first lesson’s stream.
  • Measure #2: Each class is broken up into multiple lessons. You are licensed to view every lesson in each class TWO TIMES before you are then unable to view the lesson anymore.
  • Measure #3: There’s a watermark in the video with YOUR NAME and YOUR COMPANY and YOUR PHONE NUMBER. So if you share it around the office, upload it to YouTube or otherwise do something naughty, people would know you’re being a dishonest dirtball. Which you would never do, because you aren’t a dishonest dirtball.

You might think these anti-dirtball measures might hinder your ability to learn. I’m pretty sure they won’t. So, here’s a common scenario: What if you’re called away 30 minutes into Lesson #6? No problem. You still have one view of that same lesson left.

If you feel you really need more views of the same lesson, there’s a way to “raise your hand” and ask questions (next to each lesson.) Then select “Request more views of this lesson.” And when we get the request, we’ll just check to make sure this isn’t your 8th request or something to watch the same lesson, then we’ll just add more views. Make sense?

To recap, though, we have plans for your whole office. If you have FOUR or more people who need to view the material, then please CALL US to get a license for each of your people. We’ll work it out.