Fall is Upon “OS”


Item 1: Webinar TOMORROW (Tuesday) at 2.00 PM EST (11.00 AM Pacific)

With that in mind, I’m doing a webinar TOMORROW at 2.00 PM EST with my friends at Viewfinity. The title is…

Harvesting Group Policy Goodness: Use GPOs to Manage Desktop Security, Admin Rights and User Rights

Read the webinar description, then register for the feast at this link:


Item 2: Live Local Event at System Center User Group THURSDAY at 6.00 PM Eastern at Microsoft in Malvern, PA

Yes, I know 96% of you can’t possibly attend.

But 4% of you CAN, and that means I expect 200 people to show up!

Okay. Maybe not. A guy can dream though.

Anyhoo.. if you’re into Systems, and Centers, and/or Group Policy and want to learn some good stuff.. then come to this free LIVE / In-person event.

Register for the LIVE / In-Person event here: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2714640563/mcivte

Please don’t register if you cannot attend. This is a local live event, and there will be no replay.

That’s it for this week.

PS: Again, the Florida Class is, yes indeeie ON, and we’re expecting to sell out. So if you want to SECURE your seatie then go to www.GPanswers.com/training and claim that seat.

Gain full understanding of that untapped resource you already paid for (Active Directory / Group Policy) and learn easy-to-implement solutions.

Discounts when you have 3+ people attending. Gotta call Laura at 215-391-0096 to claim your discounts.