Group Policy Books

Why do I need Jeremy's Group Policy book?

Tough questions need tough answers. Jeremy's fully updated Group Policy book for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Server 2016 and 2012 has the direct answers to your tough Group Policy questions.

Get your own signed copy today.

Here are some things to keep in mind BEFORE you order
  • If you order the books from me, I'll sign the book for you, free! I've had many requests for this service, and I'm honored that you would want it!
  • If you order it from me, and you're in the USA, you get the book, shipping included! Usually, I try to ship out the orders the SAME DAY. But, if you positively need a guaranteed shipping date, and satellite tracking, or other special needs, then Amazon might be a better choice.
  • We ONLY ship inside the USA. Sorry, non-USA friends.
  • It costs more to buy it from me because I have to pay to have the books shipped from California to me first. So, you're paying a little extra to buy from me because it costs me more. So, your paying for the shipping costs I have to bear, (not for the signature). Again, note that shipping TO YOU is included in the price.
  • We take all kinds of credit cards. No PO orders for books, please, unless it's an order for 10 or more.
If you're ready to get crackin' with your "Total Group Policy workout", you can get the new book :
  1. Amazon is a good source, and it's likely cheaper than buying it from me. But, of course, they won't be signed. Be careful in making sure you buy the third edition (even thought it's not called that.) The right ISBN is: 978-1119035589 for the book. You know you have the right one because the cover shows green gears.
  2. You can order it from me directly for $45 for EACH BOOK you want signed (includes shipping in USA). Click Order Signed Copies now to order your copies.