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Why do I need Jeremy's Group Policy book?

Tough questions need tough answers. Jeremy's fully updated Group Policy book for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and Server 2016 and 2012 has the direct answers to your tough Group Policy questions.

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“Your Group Policy Fundamentals, Security, and Troubleshooting Book Rocks, Sir! Keep up the excellent work! One thing a like about your style of writing is with my job I am working on various projects at the same time but because of your ability to explain the subject matter, I can put the book down and pick it back up when time allows and I feel like I never put it down. Good job!!”

Frank Vindigni, Senior Systems Engineer, Thomas Weisel Partners

Jeremy Moskowitz books are easy to read. He gives you great examples.

Chris J. Sloan

Awesome book. Great read and very informative. I’ve been using it as a reference ever since. Keep up the great work Jeremy!

Robert Ferrigno

If I could give this book 10 stars I would. When I read the first couple of pages, I knew this was just the book I was looking for. The book was not boring and every chapter has something useful. I have finally figured out why some of my group policies were not functioning properly and the [desktop management chapters were] awesome. If you don’t have this book please purchase this book as a reference or a problem solver.

Michael L. Givens

This book is, without a doubt, the best technical reference book I’ve ever read. The concepts are explained clearly and thoroughly. The examples are relevant to almost every production environment. Want to know how to get the most out of the new GPMC? It’s explained in detail in the book. Not sure how you can handle printer mappings through GP? It’s in the book, with a real world example and a VB script to help out. Need help determining how to handle profiles and folder redirection? There are entire chapters dedicated to this very topic. If you are struggling with how to make use of Group Policy to manage your desktop and server environment, BUY THIS BOOK. NOW!!!!!

Eric Johnson (who went on to help me with the 5th edition of the book)

This is an absolutely awesome book. Right away I was able to easily understand why some of my group policies weren’t working and it explained why it takes so long for some PC’s to get assigned software. I highly recommend getting this book if you are going to be creating Group Policies. It’s a must have!!!

D. Beaudry

This is the book to have if you need to implement Group Policy in your organization or even if you just want to find out how Group Policy really works. There is nothing out there like it.

I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent pouring over Microsoft Technet documents and other technical publications reading a paragraph here and a paragraph there, in order to produce just a piece of a solution using Group Policy. This book has everything you need written in a fresh and interesting style. It is the first technical book I have read cover to cover and I have been in the business for over 15 years!

William A. Keyes

THIS book has exceeded my expectations. It has already solved/answered many problems/questions I’ve had about GP and AD. It is a one stop problem solver. Given all the 5 stars I saw in the reviews before I bought the book, I thought maybe the publisher had padded the reviews. Not so. This is a must have. It covers the basics and more advanced topics of GP, which is something I needed. An example problem I had: We use Roaming Profiles. We have three remote offices and sometimes printers wouldn’t install when a user went from a remote office to our home office. We also needed a way to automatically reset the default printer when a user roamed to a machine in another office. Page 132-133 of this book tells how to do that with a 5-line script. [This book] deserves more than 5 Stars!

William S. Boyd

This book uses any Group Policy knowledge you may think you already have and expands it by 1000% (technically impossible I know but you get my drift!). It’s a pleasure to read and the author’s knowledge and devotion to the subject come shining through. If you need to design or support Group Policy then you must buy this book.

Duncan Gibbs

I also agree with the other reviewers that this book is an absolute MUST for any Windows administrator. It’s easy to read & reference no matter what your level of expertise with GPOs. It’s helped me out on more than a few occasions. What more can be said that hasn’t yet? If you work with GPOs you MUST have this book! Thanks for a great book Jeremy!

Paul Sweet

As is obvious to us “real world” AD Forest Rangers, Group Policy is very powerful and can be very dangerous. Used properly, you can reach new heights along the road to a “well managed environment” but if you aren’t very careful, you can hose EVERY W2k and newer system in your domain (and possibly forest) with just a few clicks. This author has focused on a very complex topic and due to his diligence and thoroughness, readers of this book come out the other side in glorious enlightenment. This book is a TREMENDOUS resource that covers almost every detail of GP that I’ve ever needed. Plus, the extra “Web chapters” at are a great resource, too.


I agree with the other reviewers this book is an absolute must for any Windows 2000/2003 administrator. Other books touch on Group Policy but Jeremy breaks it down and really explains what is going on. You want to create your own custom policies… it’s in there. Group Policy is not applying; how do you troubleshoot… it’s in there. You want in-depth coverage of roaming profiles… it’s in there. You want to know how the GPMC works… it’s in there.

You get my point. Group Policy is one of the most important aspects of AD and this book hits the ball out of the park. I also recommend his previous book Windows 2000 Group Policy. This book is also endorsed by Mark Minasi and Michael Dennis (Microsoft Group Policy Manger) so you know it has to be good. Trust the reviews and buy this one.

Mike Kline

I buy every new edition that comes out. This particular edition includes major new updates for Vista, such as ADMX templates. I teach courses on Windows security at SANS and I recommend the latest version of Jeremy’s GPO book at every conference to my attendees. This is one of the few must have books for Windows network administrators.

Jason Fossen, SANS institute

Each edition of Jeremy’s book has outdone the other. I’ve read each of them and I continue to learn new things every time I open it. I appreciated the expanded section on Troubleshooting and how to tap into the great new Vista tools to make troubleshooting much easier. Vista security management via GP is well documented and I can’t wait to dive in. Real world anecdotes and light ‘n fun writing style make for enjoyable reading for a complex and deep subject like GP.

Bryce Ulrich

This book is an unbelievable resource for anyone needing “The Word” on Group Policy. Incredibly clear, highly detailed, and well organized! This goes way beyond any documentation that has been produced Jeremy clearly spent a LOT of time digging through the guts of Group Policy and testing EVERYTHING. There is information here I haven’t seen anywhere else I would not be surprised if Microsoft’s own Group Policy team learned a few things from reading this book. If you are planning, deploying, or troubleshooting Group Policy, do yourself a favor and GET THIS BOOK! Phenomenal!

Dan Holme, Intelliem