Big News (x3). And Hello Virginia !


1. First: On Jan 1, I wasinducted as an 11th year in a row as a Group Policy MVP ! You’re a big part of that, so THANK YOU for being part of my team !

2. Next: On Jan 4, PolicyPak Application Manager’s latest version shipped!

Big new features include:

-Managing App-V4 and (now) AppV-5 applications “side by side” (video):
-ThinApp 4 and (now) ThinApp 5 support (video):
-New Paks to Manage Java 6, 7 ( )
-New Paks to Firefox ESR and “About:Config” entries ( and tons more.

And, as usual, its all a free upgrade for all existing customers.

To learn more about PolicyPak Application Manager, simply join me for an upcoming webinar at and you can try it out afterward.

3. The last piece of big news involves YOU. I’m ready to announce my Group Policy Master training class. The first available dates for 2014 !

Drum roll please… It’s Northern Virginia !

You simply fly to Dulles Airport, and the free shuttle service takes you to the hotel where my training will be.

The rest is just good ol’ fashioned learnin’ and doin’ !

Dates are April 7 – 11, 2014

Get the course outline and/or sign up today at:

Discounts when you have more than 3 people coming at the same time.

Suggest: Put it on your calendar NOW. Then figure out what it’s gonna take for you to FINALLY come to my course.

Looking forward to meeting you in 2014 (or seeing you again !)