Answers to your concerns about the GP University Home Study Course


QUESTION: Why are you using VMware and not Virtual PC?
SHORT ANSWER: I use multi-tier snapshots to get some items accomplished. Based upon your feedback, I might either (a) support Virtual PC images in the next 60 days after initial launch (due to the number of people who requested I do so) or (b) have 100% “build it from scratch” instructions so you can use your own setup. Then everything will be supported: Real machines, VMware, VPC, VirtualBox, HyperV, real machines, whatever. I’m working this out and will keep you posted. There will be a a small additional download after that.

QUESTION: How much does it cost?
SHORT ANSWER: Because nothing compares to the LIVE experience, there will be a discount over over the live training. BUT you get the same “box full of stuff” including my two Group Policy books (if you take on all three classes) and printed training manuals for each class. Oh, and think of the savings on travel costs as well! Seriously, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

CONCERN: Will this be available to everyone? USA, International, etc?
SHORT ANSWER: Yes. But I can only accept TWENTY students for the first 30 days.  I’ll be able to open up wider soon thereafter, but the first 20 days, I have to limit to a maximum of 20 students. Then, everyone is invited !

CONCERN: Whaaa? Why only 20 students in the first 20 days?
SHORT ANSWER: There are GOING to be issues that come up. I need people to kind of be “signed on board” and know up front there are going to be some “first try at this” issues. So, to limit how many issues I’ll have to address and correct for, the “pilot” for this home study course will be just 20 people for the first 20 days.

CONCERN: Is this JUST a video recording?
SHORT ANSWER: It’s not just a video. It’s video lessons, taped live in-front-of-live-people, zoomed in live demonstrations of all the techniques, one, two or three training manuals with labs, a hard drive (or download) full of stuff, and a ability to ask questions and be on “group training calls.”

CONCERN: [If it’s just a video recording…] I’m worried it won’t be enough for me to learn.
SHORT ANSWER: So, it’s NOT  just a video recording. It’s hands on labs, ability to ask questions and get live feedback in “group study” sessions with ME. If the Home Study course turns out to be lame, you’ll get a 100% full refund (back on your card) plus a $100 check made out to YOU (not your company) just for checking it out.

QUESTION: Is the video a DVD,  a download, or what?
SHORT ANSWER: It’s a streaming flash video that you’ll have access for 30-60 days. You’ll be able to review each lesson from each class two times in your 30 day period.

CONCERN: What is the quality of the video?
SHORT ANSWER: Decent, but not HD quality. The lights in the room are little low, and the whole thing looks like it was edited by a Group Policy guy (ie: me) and not a professional video guy. So, that’s one of the many reasons I have a 100% unconditional guarantee. If the video quality hampers your learning in any way, then, just ask for a full refund. And you’ll get it. Plus a $100 check made out to YOU just for checking it out. I showed the video to some friends and they thought it was just perfectly fine. Maybe I’m just hard on myself.

CONCERN: How can I get one-on-one coaching?
SHORT ANSWER:  You can ask questions about the course using our online “ticketing system.” Ask a question, await a response from me. Not perfect, but it’ll work. Next, you get “credits” to be on a group call with me and others taking the training class at the same time. Calls last about an hour, perhaps longer if needed. Ask all the questions you wish you could have answered in class you can answer via the ticketing system or on the group calls. I’ll be on the phone, and I’ll help you PLUS I’ll also do live demonstrations for any sticky concepts.

CONCERN: I already have your book. Should I take your class?
SHORT ANSWER: That’s up to you. Lots of people learn in different ways: reading, hearing, seeing and doing. The book is READING. The video is HEARING and SEEING. The hands-on labs is DOING. Honestly, I think you can’t lose by hitting all FOUR ANGLES to really soak it in. Additionally, the stuff in the book vs. the class is presented differently, and I have personally heard that the one-two combination of BOOK + Training is the way to go. Also, if you sign up for the FULL WEEK of Group Policy University training, you’ll get a set of books for FREE.

CONCERN: I already took the training class live (Two-Day Essentials, Two-Day Group Policy 2.0 Catch-up or Advanced Class) LIVE. Should I sign up again and take the Group Policy University Home Study Course as a review?
SHORT ANSWER: So, the FIFTH way to learn something is by REPETITION. If you already took the class then you’re eligible for a 50% (yes, 50%) discount on the home study course. My feeling is this: you already have the printed labs and slides and hard drive materials. So, I won’t be sending you those. You’ll be able to watch the videos, re-do the labs, and ask questions via the ticketing system and participate in the group calls. You’ll need to call me or my assistant for a coupon code for check out and express which class you took and what company you’re from. Note: WinConnections, TechMentor, TechEd, MMS, T2 or other CONFERENCES do not count toward the discount. You need to have taken a LIVE PUBLIC or PRIVATE Two-Day, Three-Day, or Five Day course with me or James Conrad to qualify for the 50% discount for the “review.”

QUESTION: Can I get a multi-person discount if I have more than one person who wants the home study course?
SHORT ANSWER: Yes. Discounts kick in for the FOURTH person at the same company with the same BUYER (ie: one PO, or credit card.) You’ll need to call us at 302-351-4903 to provide all student names, and we’ll get your four+ students going at the same time. Orders for one, two or three students do not qualify for a discount.

CONCERN: I’m a newby to Group Policy. Will this be over my head?
SHORT ANSWER: I like to think of this as an “All Levels” class. I don’t assume “much knowledge.” If you can use Active Directory Users and Computers, you’re ready to take the class. Some GPMC experience helpful, but not required. I take people from 0 to 60. We’ve had LOTS of administrators with zero GP experience take this course and be very successful ! Don’t panic. If it’s over your head (which it won’t be) you can just ask for a refund. That’s how confident I am that you’ll learn what you need to in this home study course.

CONCERN: I’m a rocket-scientist to Group Policy, will this be too basic?
SHORT ANSWER: In the class that I taped, we had 30 people. One of the guys was Doug. Now, I’m not going to give Doug’s last name, but Doug asked like 30 questions. And he’s been doing Group Policy, every single day, as his only job for more than 5 years for a major company. I’m confident that Doug feels he got his money’s worth out of taking the course. He made me work HARDER during the taping though, because he made me stop and answer a bunch of hardball questions.

QUESTION: I’m not in the USA. Will you be able to ship the lab materials (printed books and hard drive) to me in my country?
SHORT ANSWER: Sure. We’ll try. If they don’t make it there, we’ll refund you and just take the loss ourselves on the missing “box of stuff” we’ll be sending you. We’ve had great success sending books out internationally, so I don’t think this would be any different.

QUESTION: Will <my suggested topic> be part of the training course?
SHORT ANSWER: Likely (but no guarantees.) I read over EVERY SINGLE suggestion for the course material. I’m pleased to say, I hit about 95% of what people wanted in the videos and labs ALREADY; which is why I think people are so happy with the LIVE VERSION of the training. I have a little time to add some more suggestions… but in short, I think you’ll be very happy. As a sanity check, though, you can also read the course outline here. Additionally, you’ll be able to ask questions while you take the course and be a part of the group conference calls to get that last 5% answered if need be.

Honestly, I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the home study course. Your testimonials were AWESOME, thank you! I can feel you passion for what I do, and I’m super appreciative.  Three testimonials stood out for me, and I wanted to share them with you.

I enjoyed Jeremy’s Group Policy class and [was] very impressed. Not only did he cover a lot of material, and I mean a lot of material, he was actually able to answer a lot of our questions. One thing I liked about his class is at the end of each section there was a lab. This gave us a chance to work on what we just learned and ask questions if we were stuck. I highly recommend his class, as you will learn a lot and will be able to put group policies in place upon returning to work and understand the concept of it all.

– Mark Pritchett, Systems Administrator, Jacksonville, FL   

After taking this course I had a very sound foundation on Group Policy.  I came in with zero experience (just started a position) and now can apply our policies with ease. Jeremy is a great speaker and you will NOT be bored at all.  He has the ability to cover a huge amount of information over a rather short period of time… and you can remember what you learned thanks to the labs and manuals. This course is a must have for anyone that will touch Group Policy in any way.

-Chris Teston, Systems Engineer, CheckFree Corporation

Jeremy is one of those rare speakers that you would listen to over and over again because you know you are going to learn something.  If you have a chance to hear him speak, get there.     If you have a chance to attend his class, be prepared to learn, because the information is golden.  

-Curt Spanburgh, Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro Magazine.   Microsoft MVP.  COO of One Solution Group

Well, now’s your chance. Stay tuned for more information.