A buyout, an interview, survey results, votevotevote, and famousness.


9/15/09:  A buyout, an interview, survey results, votevotevote, and famousness.

1. Results from the “Do you use MDT?” survey
2. Symark buys BeyondTrust, becomes BeyondTrust. Plus an interview with the CTO, Eric Vosukil, formally of Microsoft, and formerly of BeyondTrust.
3. Final days: Vote GPanswers (best training) PolicyPak Best Group Policy Product
4. PolicyPak Weekly Webinar, This Thursday at 2.30. Go to https://www.policypak.com/about-us/contact-us and say DEMO in your email for an invite!
5. Hey, I’m famous.. For a week !

Get Training, Get Smarter, Keep your Sanity

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Results from the “Do you use MDT?” survey

Last week I asked y’all: “Do you use MDT.”  Here’s the results I got:

Survey Results

Out of 35 responses, only THREE said “yes” to the “standalone” version and EIGHT said YES with the SMS/SCCM full-version.

My first response was.. Wha? Only 35 responses? We have 10,000 people on this list, and I expected a TORRENT of responses to a one question survey. (More later.)

My second response was.. okay.. the #2 response is “Other.” So, here are (basically) the “others” not represented on the chart:

-Not planning
-No Upgrades. When leases expire, we’ll install it that way (by hand)
-When we buy new computers
-WDS first, image-style fallback
-WAIK, “sophisticated HTA running under WinPE 3.0” fully automated solution
-Not working with SCCM R2 SP1
-Not sure what we’ll do.

Interesting stuff all around.  Thanks for participating !

Symark buys BeyondTrust, becomes BeyondTrust.

The big Group Policy news this week is that BeyondTrust was bought out by Symark and taking over the BeyondTrust name.

Here’s a little history lesson for you, in case you’re kinda new to Group Policy.

So, in the beginning, there was a company called Autoprof. Autoprof changed their name to DesktopStandard. Microsoft bought out DesktopStandard and took two of their key products and made them into the Group Policy Preferences and Microsoft AGPM (Advanced Group Policy Management.)

Out of that acquisition two things happened:

-Some key players from DesktopStandard went to Microsoft to head up the Group Policy team inside of Microsoft .. and…
-BeyondTrust was born. The founder of the company, John Moyer, stayed behind to lead BeyondTrust with the one product that Microsoft DID NOT buy (and eventually called it Privilege Manager.)

One of those key players was Eric Voskuil. Eric was at Microsoft for two years, then left to re-join his pals at BeyondTrust.

Now, Symark has bought out BeyondTrust and the new name is BeyondTrust.

This is kind of like when America West bought out US Airways and took over the US Airways name.

Symark has products that do rights-management for Linux, and the BeyondTrust product (Privilege Manager) is similar (in concept) on PCs to what Symark is already doing in Linux.

So, that’s a nice fit.

Eric becomes the “overall CTO” of the new BeyondTrust, and John becomes the manager of the Windows division at BeyondTrust.

Congrats on “what’s next” to the folks at BeyondTrust. Let’s look forward to smooth sailing and blue skies. PS: If you interested in learning more, there’s an upcoming webinar with the BeyondTrust folks on Sep 22nd to learn about their merger. Sign up on the BeyondTrust home page.

Interview with Eric Voskuil, CTO Beyondtrust

Turns out, at MMS 2009 in Vegas, I had a little sit-down chat with Eric, right after he left Microsoft and he was back at BeyondTrust.

I never did get a chance to “air” this interview with you guys. (Hint: I kind of forgot about it.)

Anyway… it’s a fun, insightful interview (if I do say so myself.) So check it out.  Inside, Eric talks about his past achievements and talks about “What’s next.”

Click here for the Interview… BeyondTrust CTO, Eric Voskuil, formerly of Microsoft.

Final Voting for BEST of the BEST – 2009 Community Awards


What is GPanswers.com if not COMMUNITY?

What is PolicyPak Software Community Edition if not COMMUNITY?

Dude.. I’m all ABOUT Community.


PLEASE, help put GPanswers.com training on the map.
Please put PolicyPak Software into the minds of others.

I’m sure this is just a popularity contest, and I have no hope of winning.

But, maybe I can come in SECOND. I’ll take SECOND. That would be awesome !

Look, there’s 10,000 GPanswers.com team members.

If you, yes YOU, if YOU VOTE… this can happen.

Category #1: Best Active Directory /Group Policy Product
For: PolicyPak Application Manager


Category #30: Best Training & Certification Product / Service
For: GPanswers.com Group Policy Training

MAYBE we’ll have a shot at winning. Really.. EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO IT.

Here’s the link to contribute. Seriously.


37 seconds out of your life.

(In contrast, this newsletter took me about an hour to put together, another hour to record the Mp3 of Eric, and another hour to cut it down.)

Can you help? PolicyPak Community Edition is FREE. Is that not gonna be awesome when a FREE product makes it into the top three!?

Here’s the link.. (Remember #1 and #30..)

Internet Famous: I’m the “Pin up” person for the MVP Award Program Blog

Thanks MVP team!

I’ve been featured this month in the MVP Award Program Blog. Neato-Keen!

I’ve got two “Win 7 sneak peek” videos. If you haven’t seen them before.. Fun!

Here’s the blurb:
MVP Jeremy Moskowitz presents two videos showcasing a sneak peak of Group Policy in the Windows 7. In his first video, he walkthroughs the updated Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) in Windows 7, along with the updated power options and scheduled tasks snap-ins.