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It’s NOT a Group Policy Bug… !!

<Rant mode on> So I go a little BSC (That’s Bat-Spit Crazy) when I read “Group Policy Bug takes over the earth”. As you might expect, my hackles go up… (And, if you’re not a dog, where, exactly **ARE** your hackles? Just sayin’) Anyway.. This latest up-hackles occurred when I read the beginning of, and now the end of items like this. (These are all reporting the same thing, and basically the same way..) winaero.com/blog/bug-group-policy-updates-windows-10/ windowsreport.com/group-policy-bug-windows-10-fix/ mspoweruser.com/group-policy-bug-blocks-windows-update-user-delays-installation-updates/ (Note: The HTTP and HTTPs are removed so there are no links.. on purpose.) They’re all saying that this is a “Group Policy […]


How to Buy a Laptop for the Normal Person in 2017-2018

This is a yearly re-post / re-edit. It started in 2009 and has been updated yearly. This started out as a post to just my closest friends but has become one of my popular blog entries of all time. Here’s my fully updated guide to end-of-year 2016 into 2017. Quick updates for 2017-2018: Chromebooks + Downloadable Android apps About Windows 10S. Why Windows 10 Home doesn’t cut it for me anymore. Jeremy got a new laptop in 2018 after 7 years with his old one. — If you’re an IT geek like me, you’re often asked “What kind of laptop […]


Everything you need to know about Windows 10 1709 Group Policy Updates

Windows 1709 “Dropped.” As in.. Dropped the Mic AWESOME ! Here’s your homework: 1. Start out by downloading the 1709 ADMX templates. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=56121 1b. Optional, recommended: Immediately put them in the Central Store. I get this question a lot, but for me, there’s no DOWNSIDE to using these NOW, even if you have ZERO Windows 10 1709 machines “out there.” At least you can see “all that’s possible” in GP-land once you do this. Old video, still works as expected: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acYb2wQeL94 1b. REPLACE old ADMX files and KEEP any “overage.” Here is an answer to a FAQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op7hAvc5a0M 2. Check […]


Updated Group Policy Is Not Dead Manifesto – July 2017

Team: I keep getting asked “What do I think of DSC vs. Group Policy” a lot. So I decided to work closely with Jeffrey Snover, father of Powershell and DSC to come up with some clarifying points. As such, I have embedded them into my “Why Group Policy Is Not Dead Manifesto”. If you don’t want to re-read the whole thing , here are the updates for July 2017: Worked with Jeffrey Snover to provide DSC + Windows Client “Truths & Tenets”. (PLEASE use them in Powerpoints, etc. They are blessed as gospel.) Updated Nano server since the infrastructure pieces […]


The Untold tale of Mark Minasi and Jeremy Moskowitz: A personal tale of me and my mentor (who is now retiring.)

If you don’t know who Mark Minasi is, then you don’t know Windows. Before I knew Mark personally, I would regularly encounter his books when I went from business to business during my old NT 3.5, 4.0 then Active Directory Consulting days. Then I read his articles in Windows NT magazine, which later had different names, and transformed into Windows IT Pro. Most memorable was “This Old Resource Kit”, which was often in the back of the magazine, and the article I always flipped to first. I first met Mark when I was doing some occasional writing for Windows NT […]