Windows, Sure. But Macs and Linux? Whaaa?



Yesterday, I had a chance to talk with Manny Vellon from Likewise software.

We talked about getting Macs and Linux into your existing AD. Crazy? Or a great idea?
You can make up your own mind..  Here’s a summary of what we talked about:

1. Why would you want Macs and Linux into your AD?
2. Learn about free software to integrate Macs and Linux into AD.
3. Understanding why a “central account database” might make sense for your team.
4. How and why you would want to integrate Macs and Linux to utilize GP.
5. How to be on a LINUX machine and manage Group Policy (crazy!).
6. How to set up Linux and Mac desktop configuration items using Group Policy

If you want to listen to this 15 minute interview, just click here.

Here are the resources we reference inside the talk.

That’s it. People are signing up every day for the LA GPO class. Are you going to make it? Drop me a line so I can try to get an accurate headcount.

Thanks, talk soon!

Jeremy Moskowitz (Group Policy Community)    (PolicyPak Software)