Bad Advice: Putting too much stuff into you image.

Team: This week I got a question. I’m paraphrasing it for clarity, but here’s the general gist: “Hey Jeremy… I got some advice to make things “go faster” by putting as much stuff into my image as possible. What do you think of this advice?” In short: Good intentions, bad advice. Here’s my the short and sweet answer: The “more fatter” you make your image, you do save in initial “possible waits” for client machines. That is, if you pre-load all your software, settings, stop services, and so on… then, you’re “mostly done” when that user sits down on Day […]


What’s the deal with Skydrive when you’ve got domain joined Win 8.1 out there?

Two tips about SkyDrive and Group Policy. Tip #1: Why some users aren’t sync’ing properly to Skydrive This tip comes from frequent contributor Chris Jaramillo, who always brings it home with nice tidbits. Here’s the tip Chris wrote up (edited only lightly for clarity) Happy New Year! And since it’s the start of a New Year, it must be time to another GPO related tip. I recently ran across a scenario where my Domain Joined Windows 8.1 PCs would not properly synchronize SkyDrive content with a Domain User logged in who had been ‘Linked’/’Connected’ to a Microsoft Account. After great […]


Big News (x3). And Hello Virginia !

1. First: On Jan 1, I wasinducted as an 11th year in a row as a Group Policy MVP ! You’re a big part of that, so THANK YOU for being part of my team ! 2. Next: On Jan 4, PolicyPak Application Manager’s latest version shipped! Big new features include: -Managing App-V4 and (now) AppV-5 applications “side by side” (video): http://www.policypak.com/integration/policypak-application-virtualization.html -ThinApp 4 and (now) ThinApp 5 support (video): http://www.policypak.com/integration/policypak-extends-group-policy-to-vmware-thinapp.html -New Paks to Manage Java 6, 7 ( http://www.policypak.com/products/manage-java-jre-with-group-policy.html ) -New Paks to Firefox ESR and “About:Config” entries (http://www.policypak.com/products/manage-firefox-with-group-policy.html) and tons more. And, as usual, its all a free […]


Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2 ADMX Templates now available

Boom: http://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=41193 Here’s a video I made a while ago to explain the Central Store. Jeremy Explains the Central Store For more (a lot more) .. I humbly suggest my GP Training at www.GPanswers.com/training .. Live or Online. See you Soon !    


How to Buy a Laptop for the Regular Person in 2013-2014

This is a yearly re-post / re-edit. It started in 2009 and has been updated yearly. This started out as a post to “just my closest friends” but has become one of my popular blog entries of all time. Here’s my fully updated guide to end-of-year 2013 into 2014. If you’re an IT geek like me, you’re often asked “What kind of laptop should I buy?” If you’’re NOT an IT geek, you’’re likely asking an IT geek friend “What kind of laptop should I buy?” This is a guide for both of you. If you’’re in IT, this question […]

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